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TESTIMONIALS (from original website page and messages) 

"Crystal has been coaching me via 1-2-1 PT sessions on bodyweight training and calisthenics for a while now. Crystal’s approach is unique in that she means business and is results driven yet with a mentoring approach completely tailored to not only my needs but also my personality. Our first session was spent truly understanding what my short and long term goals are and how I like to train. Crystal really took the time to understand what is important for me, what motivates me and equally what turns me off. Thereafter, she was able to use all of this information to create a program that was unique to me. For example, Crystal knows that I am competitive and ambitious, and so each training session always progressed further our previous training in addition to adding new exercises. Admittedly Crystal also nailed the right balance between celebrating my successes, cheering me on when unsure and also talking business when I was ready to quit. And our sessions are a-l-w-a-y-s fun. I am grateful to Crystal for she has taught me how to work with my body rather than for or against my body, for enlightening me with the realization that there is more to training than sweat (like strength, flexibility and mobility) and for leaving me restless after every session, thinking how and what more I can do. A true inspiration. I look forward to our journey together as I know this is just the beginning." 

- MARINA ERGATOUDE (London, United Kingdom)

Working with Crystal has been a great and educational experience. Not only did I start to rectify odd movement patterns I'd developed over the years, she made the sessions specific to my needs as a dancer which meant that I could apply her insight directly to what I did on a day-to-day basis! I feel like I've become a much more knowledgeable individual when it comes to the body and overall movement - Crystal has given me the tools to take her lessons and develop my own insights.

- RATH BALASUBRAMANIAM (London, United Kingdom)

"The great thing about working with Crystal is that my sessions have changed from exercise into training.  Exercise is great: we run around, release some endorphins and enjoy the experience of overcoming a challenge.  Training with Crystal enhanced this by helping me define my goals and understand and explore techniques to meet them. Crystal's sessions are always fun and she's given me lots of encouragement while providing a session structure that really helped me to progress. Thanks so much for your help with my pull-ups, Crystal, looking forward to continuing to work towards the muscle up!" 

- MALCOLM ROBB (London, United Kingdom) 

"I was very impressed with Crystal expertise and knowledge. She is clearly very skilful and understands individual bodies. She definitely has a unique approach in what she does."

- DIPALI SHAH (London, United Kingdom)

"I never was a very sportive person, but I always wanted my body to be more fit. I used to go to the gym only for cardio. It was good, but since I started to work with Crystal I am 100% content with the results and I can say that now, in one hour/week, I work more than I used to work before in 5 hours of cardio/week... you can achieve so much more if you have a dedicated trainer like Crystal is. Highly recommend her."

- DIANA CIUPAC (London, United Kingdom) 

"I have practiced martial arts on and off for about 10 years. After a series of health problems and operations, I was looking at a class that could complement my practice and help me regain tone and range.
I tried Crystal's class and loved it straight away. I found it challenged me and made me work muscles that are often neglected yet important to improve the precision and powers of movements. She always offer a progression to suit different abilities and takes the time to come and check everyone's form to offer personal feedback and guidance for improvement.
I'm hooked. And despite the ling hours sitting at a desk, my recurrent lower back pain has completely forgotten about me!"

- OLWENN MARTIN (London, United Kingdom)

"I've attended a few of Crystal's fitness classes and am officially hooked! The classes are well-structured and carefully thought out and challenging no matter what your current level of ability. After just a few sessions, Crystal helped me to identify my strengths as well as muscle imbalances and specific areas to improve - she is also a very encouraging and motivating coach, and gives personalised feedback to everyone, which I think is really important. The exercises are also functional, helping to improve strength, mobility and endurance. I highly recommend Crystal's classes to anyone who wants to improve their functional and/or general fitness."

- KARL D'SOUZA  (London, United Kingdom)

"As a long-time ClassPass addict, I've tried pretty much every class under the sun: box-yoga, olympic weightlifting, spinning, HIIT.. I even did a class where you get hooked up to a machine that gives you electric shocks! The issue I found is that almost all the classes focused on the 'what' - essentially, they take the thinking away from you by giving you a bunch of exercises to do in sequence. However, very few actually go into the 'how' and even fewer the 'why'. If you want to learn good technique, proper form, why you should do certain exercises over others, feel a sense of progression etc, Crystal's class is the one! She really spends time with each person tailoring the class to their particular level and helping you achieve things you didn't think were possible -- looking forward to getting that first pull-up!"

- CHIARA QUADRANTI  (London, United Kingdom) 

"Crystal is an energetic and encouraging teacher, full of helpful pointers about technique that have been useful in class and also transferred over to other activities like yoga. Strongly recommended."

- RICHARD VIALS (London, United Kingdom) 

"Great class for anyone - whether you're new to working out or have been going to a variety of classes over the years like me. Crystal does a great job of putting together a challenging class while still focusing on proper form and identifying individual strengths and areas for improvement. I always leave class feeling energized and having learned something new!" 

- JULIA BRAND  (London, United Kingdom)

"I have attended several brainy bodies classes and think that Crystal is a fantastic teacher. She not only has helped me to focus on muscles that I normally don't work out she also was able to help me improve my form. Furthermore she spent time explaining to me areas where I could further improve and some strengths particular to me that she noticed. It really built my confidence and helped me to get the most out of my workout."

- JOSEPHINE FIELD (London, United Kingdom) 

"I've been going to Crystal's classes for the past few weeks and have really enjoyed getting my fitness back after having a baby. The classes always have a theme but with lots of variation. Crystal is always friendly and explains all her drills well, giving different levels/progressions to work up to for each movement. I really appreciate the follow up emails she sends, giving me further tips and advice on what to work on next. I always leave feeling tired but toned, and overall more aware of how to use and move my body safely. Thank you Brainy Bodies - keep up the good work!!"

- ALEXANDRA WINSTON  (London, United Kingdom) 

"As a 56 year old man I've avoided weight training and gyms for years, concentrating on individual and team sports, football, cycling and badminton. But I recognise I need to counter loss of muscle mass and suppleness. Crystal's Saturday calisthenic classes have proven surprisingly enjoyable, held outdoors, a small group of 6-8 allows her to ensure good technique while not distracting from constant activity, a mixture of body weight  and aerobic exercises. Each class is slightly different and ends with good quality stretching. I can see marginal weekly improvements in strength with an emphasis on the core. And hopefully I will be able to master the handstand! Seems you can teach an old dog new tricks."

- SIMON SLATER  (London, United Kingdom)