1% Athlete Programme


The 1% Athlete: Move at Your Best to Perform at Your Best

1. Focus: Bust plateaus by zeroing in on the most critical weaknesses that hold back your strengths
2. Performance: Get faster, stronger, more mobile, etc. in the ways that you need to, by addressing the low hanging fruit of movement patterns. 
3. Efficiency: Learn how to achieve MORE by doing LESS - the 80-20 rule. 
4. Longevity: Prevent Injury and do what you love over a longer horizon. 
5. Education: Don't just walk away with a "Fix", but be educated for life on how to coach yourself in movement excellence. 

Movement Consultation (90 minutes) 

1. Questionnaire: You will be asked to fill one out ahead of the consultation to ensure productive use of time
2. Supplementary info: You have the option of providing videos or auxiliary content that showcases or describes aspects related to your movement. 

Consultation Content: 
1. Goals: Define sporting goals and aspirations
2. Background: Understand history of movement, sports, and injuries
3. "The Now": Understand current lifestyle, training and rehab/prehab programmes
4. Assessment: Movement assessment relevant to goals and history
5. Actions and Results: Prioritised, specific, and actionable recommendations (eg. using a "primary" and "secondary" area of focus to bust plateaus and hit the "low hanging fruit" of performance, as well as projected results. 

Education and Recommendations will fall into the following "Movement Insight" Categories (not exhaustive)

  • Functional anatomy and movement patterns
  • Specific exercise selection and customisation
  • Body Awareness (Proprioception) 
  • Addressing muscular imbalances in detail
  • "Movement Nutrition" Deficits  
  • Developing Useful "Core Strength"  
  • Forces and Loads: Biomechanics of Excellent Movement
  • Integrating Movement Principles into Current Training Programme
  • Maximising the effectiveness of "Practice" 
  • Goal-setting to optimise movement

Founding Member Consultation Price: £198.00

In addition, Exclusively as a "Founding Member", you get:

Ongoing Movement Education and Support: Lifetime membership in the "1% Athlete" Facebook Group - (which will eventually evolve into a content-rich membership site). This is a community of fellow ambitious, motivated athletes like yourself, keen to move the needle in performance via understanding deeply the fundamentals of "good movement first" in a diverse array of sports and physical activities. In this group, you will be able to post videos / ask questions pertaining to movement, and I will respond in a practical, actionable way (backed by an appropriate combination of research, scientific theory, training certifications and personal/client experience) within 24 hours. In this group, you'll get the specific education and insight that you crave, always from reliable sources and backed by science. 

1% Athlete Programme

Founding Member Programme Offer